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Can I use the contents such as videos, images, sentences, and sound sources on the site for my SNS, blogs, and printed materials?
All content on the SWITH JAPAN members-only page is prohibited from being used for SNS, blogs, printed materials, etc., or provided to third parties.
Is there a way to check the artist schedule?
The activity schedule in Japan will be updated as needed on the STAYC JAPAN OFFICIAL SITE (this site) and Japan's official Twitter.


Please tell me how to join.
Please make a temporary registration from the link below. After that, follow the instructions in the email and proceed.
How much does a membership cost?
There are two types of membership below.

■ Residents in Japan
Enrollment fee 1,300 yen + annual membership fee 5,500 yen + administrative fee 250 yen
Total 7,050 yen (tax included)
*From next year, annual fee 5,500 yen + administrative fee 250 yen only

■ Residents outside Japan
Annual membership fee 5,500 yen + administrative fee 250 yen
Total 5,750 yen (tax included)
*No admission fee

Is there a difference in membership fees between residents in Japan and those outside Japan?
We ship tangible items to Residents in Japan members.
We do not ship tangible items to members who reside outside Japan.
Both members can view digital content.We do not ship tangible items outside of Japan.Please see the link below for membership benefits.
About SWITH JAPAN members and benefits
I joined as a Residents outside Japan, but I moved to Japan halfway through.How can I become a Residents in Japan?
Since the membership fee and service content are different, it is necessary to re-enroll as Residents in Japan.

In addition, the original membership (Residents outside Japan) will be automatically withdrawn.

For further information, please read Contact FormPlease contact us.

I joined as a Residents in Japan, but I moved out of Japan halfway through.How can I become a Residents outside Japan?
Please change your place of residence and address from MY PAGE.Also, please note that we cannot ship items overseas. (We are unable to respond to requests such as overseas delivery or delivery to a friend's house in Japan because we will pay for the shipping fee.)
Are there any special benefits to joining the Fun Club?
See the link below for membership benefits.

About SWITH JAPAN members and benefits

Does the membership benefit arrive as long as I have completed the membership procedure?
We plan to ship it around XNUMX months after the fan club admission fee and annual membership fee are paid.
Can the membership card be reissued?
We cannot reissue your membership card, so be careful not to damage or lose it.
Are you living abroad, is there a way to get a membership card or special goodies?
Residents in Japan are only available for tangible items. Please note that we cannot ship the membership card or privilege goods.

Residents outside Japan can purchase goods sold in the fan club (with some exceptions).

* Product fee + separate shipping fee will be charged. (whether in Japan or abroad)
*Applies to areas where shipping from Japan is possible.
*The shipping method will be EMS of Japan Post Co., Ltd.
possible area herePlease check from.
*Customers cannot choose the shipping company and method.

How long has it expired since I joined the fan club?
The membership period is valid until the end of the month one year after the date of enrollment (the date on which the Company approves the enrollment).
Is there a way to check my membership expiration date?
Please check from MY PAGE.
Is it possible to register multiple names?
Membership AgreementAs stated in Article 5, multiple member registrations using the same name, another person's name, or a false name are not allowed.

About payment

Can I change the payment method?
Unfortunately, it is not possible to change the payment time Contact FormPlease request a cancellation from us and make the payment again.
However, if the payment has already been completed, it cannot be canceled.
I forgot the payment method I chose.
Please check the payment method described in the reply email.
If you delete the email, please prepare information such as the email address you used when completing the procedure. Contact FormPlease contact us.
After payment, does it take as long as the membership number is issued?
Your membership number will be displayed on the screen when you log in to MY PAGE after payment.Members who reside in Japan (Residentsinjapan) will be sent a membership card with a membership number on it.
Will you be logged in after payment?
If you pay by credit card or PayPal, you can log in immediately after payment.Please note that it may take several hours to process in the case of convenience store payment.
If you still can't log in after a day, Contact FormContact us for more.

Continuation procedure

Please tell me how to continue.
One month before the expiration date, the SWITH JAPAN secretariat will contact you with payment instructions.Please continue the procedure as described.
Did you go through the continuation procedure period or do you continue?
If you have missed the continuation procedure period, we will continue to handle the continuation right within the month following the end of the period. However, if you pass the following month, you will be withdrawn from the membership, so please proceed as soon as possible. However, please note that the period will not be extended.

Member information change

Can you change the registered member information?
You can change your address, nickname, email address, and phone number.Other information (date of birth, name) cannot be changed.
In the case of a change due to fair circumstances, the change procedure will be performed based on the confirmation of the identification card.Please be careful when entering the information as you may be asked to submit your identification card, etc., even if you enter it incorrectly during registration.
Please tell me how to change the member information.
If you want to change your address, e-mail address, or phone number, please log in and go to MY PAGE to edit your member information.
For additional information, Contact FormPlease contact us.
Immediately after registration, I discovered that I had registered incorrect items that could not be changed. Is there a way to change it?
Only if you contact us within 3 days after registration, we will accept changes based on identity verification.However, if fraud is expected, we may not be able to make changes even within 3 business days.
If 3 days have passed since registration, you may be asked to submit your ID, so please be careful when entering this information.

About MY PAGE login

Please tell me how to login.
Please refer toLogin pagePlease enter your registered email address and password to log in.
I forgot my email address.
Please refer to Contact FormPlease contact us.After confirmation by the secretariat, we will let you know how to log in again.
Please note that it may take some time to reply.
I forgot the password.
Please refer toPassword reset pagePlease reissue your password.
I forgot my membership number.
After logging in, please check your membership number from MYPAGE.
I'm no longer able to log in even though the email address and password are correct.
Please check if the registered email address is correct and if the password you entered is correct.
If not resolved, Contact FormPlease contact us.
Is it possible to lend or transfer an account to family and friends?
Only the person entered at the time of registration can use it.Lending, borrowing, and transferring accounts are prohibited as stated in the Membership Agreement.

SWITH JAPAN Mail Magazine

I don't receive the email magazine.
1: Check if the [Receive] mail is set in the MYPAGE mail settings.

2: If it is set to [Receive], please check your spam folder once.
In the case of mobile phones, if you have specified domain reception settings, you may not be able to receive emails. Please set your email reception settings from the settings of each carrier so that you can receive emails from

3: If the following email addresses are applicable, they may be excluded from the email magazine sending system. Please check the registered email address once again, and if any of the following apply, please change the email address.

Incomplete Address: An email address that does not meet RFC rules
Example: "." cannot be used consecutively like "..", and cannot be used immediately before the @ mark. In addition, the address that has three consecutive "._." symbols is unlikely to reach the other side if the carrier or domain is different, so there is a limit that cannot be registered. An error will occur if the "@" mark is registered as full-width characters. Please be careful.
Keywords/Domains: Keywords that appear to be spam/junk emails, email addresses that include suspicious domains, or multiple consecutive use of the same characters/symbols
Examples: "", "" or "jaaaapan@"

I want to stop delivering the email magazine.
Please change the setting to [Do not receive] from the mail setting of MYPAGE.If you still receive emails after changing Contact FormPlease contact us.
I haven't received the bulk email.
Contact FormPlease contact us.
About Busy Email (I came from a member different from my hope)
If you change the [Favorite member] just before you receive the email on the day of your birthday, you may receive the message of the [Favorite member] set up until the day before, because the delivery settings have already been made.Please be sure to set the [Favorite member] you want to receive birthday mails at least 2 days before your birthday.
If the above does not apply Contact FormPlease contact us.

About shipment

Do you have a lot of shipments (and when will they arrive?)
All member benefits will be sent only to <Residents in Japan> members who live in Japan.

<At the time of enrollment> Membership card / enrollment privilege goods
*Shipping is scheduled around 2 months after joining.

<Irregular> Bulletin
*The contents of the shipment may change in order.

About withdrawal

Please tell me how to unsubscribe.
You can unsubscribe from MY PAGE.
I entered by mistake. Can I get a refund?
Membership AgreementPlease note that refunds cannot be made once payment has been made, as described in .When joining, please be sure to check and complete the enrollment procedure.
I want to cancel the withdrawal procedure.
After the withdrawal process is completed, the withdrawal cannot be canceled under any circumstances.
Please be careful when applying for withdrawal.

Contact us

How can I contact SWITH JAPAN?
Please refer to Contact FormPlease contact us.