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RELEASE 2023.02.15



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"We're all living our lives for the first time."
STAYC's bright and catchyteen fresh Send a positive message that gives hope and comfort with colors♬


Among the 4th generation K-POP girl groups, STAYC, who shows endless growth, is single Teddy Bear Comeback with!
Following SO BAD / ASAP / STEREOTYPE / RUN2U, STAYC set a personal best record at BEAUTIFUL MONSTER in 2022

In the second half of 2022, the Japanese debut album "poppy"soWorld trend 3rd placerecord.Not only fans but also 4th generation idols created a hot air of challenge and proved their global popularity.


"There is no correct answer one hunnit"

"Quiet please in flight mode"


Title song  Teddy Bear  is STAYC's brightteen freshIt's a POP FUNK genre song with plenty of energy.
In this complicated world where there is no correct answer, but the correct answer is sought.
It's comforting to put us in "flight mode" for a moment and have a "teddy bear" nearby to protect us.
This is a song with such a meaning.


1.Teddy Bear
Composed by BEP, FLYT
Lyrics by BEP, Jeon goon
Arranged by Rado, FLYT

A "teddy bear" is something that everyone has or wants when they are young.

Everyone is living their life for the first time, and the mistakes and disappointments that occur during that time.A world of endless information.

STAYC and Black Eyed Pilseung offer content to watch over and support the innocent people living in such times. Teddy Bear Throughexpressed.

A reassuring teddy bear that protects your side.
A teddy bear can protect your self-respect and be your own hero.
Positive message delivered by STAYC  Teddy Bear 

When I listen to this song, I hope that I can relax and be in “flight mode”.



2. Poppy (Korean Ver.)
Composed by BEP, FLYT, will.b
Lyrics by BEP, Moonsoul (MUMW), Moondown (MUMW), Co-sho
Arranged by Rado, FLYT

In the second half of 2022, STAYC's Japan debut title brought out explosive popularity in Japan and overseas.poppy” was recorded in the Korean version, and the refreshing feeling was doubled and reborn.

Like a carbonated drink, the heart that seems to burst immediately is well blended into the track and lyrics, and above all, the addictive chorus is "poppyIt's enough of a song to stamp the title of ".



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Poppy (Japanese Ver.)