NEWS Information of STAYC in JAPAN

STAYC Japan 2nd Single "Teddy Bear -Japanese Ver.-" will be released on Wednesday, April 4th!

NEWS 2023.02.22

STAYC's Japan 2nd Single "Teddy Bear -Japanese Ver.-" will be released!



This work is also produced by hit maker Black Eyed Pilseung, and while it has a cute concept like the Japanese debut song "POPPY", it has a further brushed up world view!

A work full of "Teen Fresh" embodied by STAYC.

The lyrics are a support song from STAYC with a positive message that gives hope and comfort like a reliable teddy bear who has become a hero!



[Product content]

2023 years 4 month 5 Date (water) Release

Japan 2nd Single "Teddy Bear -Japanese Ver.-"


[CD] Recorded songs *Common to all formats

M-1 Teddy Bear -Japanese Ver.-

M-2 Stereotype -Japanese Ver.-


[Product form]

First Press Limited Edition [CD]

UPCH-89529 /2,750 yen (tax included)

24P Booklet

<Enclosed benefits>

・ 4 cuts of life (member solo) 6 types

・XNUMX types of Teddy Bear original stickers

・Trading card A Ver.


Regular Edition (first press) [CD]

UPCH-89530 /1,100 yen (tax included)

16P booklet

<Enclosed benefits>

・ Trading Card B Ver. (Selka)

* Enclosed only for the first press

* Random inclusion of 7 out of 6 types (1 members + 1 set)


Solo Edition [CD]

1,100 yen each (tax included)

MAXI Case/Picture Label Specifications

Sumin Edition (Sumin)

Sieun board

ISA board (ISA)

Seeun board

YOON Edition (YOON)

J board (J)

<Enclosed benefits>

Trading Card C Ver. (Selca)

*Including selcas of the same members as the jacket out of all 6 members


[Purchase by store / first-come-first-served benefits]

If you purchase one of the first limited edition, regular edition / first press, or member edition CD at the following target stores, you will receive one original benefit from each chain.


Sticker sheet (UNIVERSAL MUSIC STORE ver.)

* Visual plan for 6 members / 1 set

Mega jacket * We will give you a mega jacket with the same design as the form at the time of purchase.



Sticker sheet (HMV ver.)

* Visual plan for 6 members / 1 set



Sticker sheet (TOWER RECORDS ver.)

* Visual plan for 6 members / 1 set


Neo Wing


KG size bromide (size: 102x152mm)


★ Other general stores and EC sites


Photo card


*Benefits are on a first-come-first-served basis, so distribution will end as soon as they run out.We recommend early reservations and purchases.

* Some stores and internet sales sites may not be available.For details, please contact the store where you wish to purchase.

* Stores that are eligible for original benefits are not eligible for other general store benefits.


★★Details to be announced soon! ★★

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