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STAYC Japan 2nd Single "Teddy Bear -Japanese Ver.-" Special lottery application special page open for purchasers only!

Hot News 2023.02.24


Limited to purchasers of STAYC Japan 4nd Single "Teddy Bear -Japanese Ver.-" to be released on April 5th

A special page for events such as lottery applications with serial numbers and first-come-first-served benefits has opened!


Details of each event, notes on participation, how to apply, etc.  [Special page] Please check the details at


[STAYC "Teddy Bear -Japanese Ver.-" purchaser-only special event page]

On the special page, the details of the event, how to apply, and other notes will be described in detail, and will be updated in the future.Please be sure to check in advance before participating.


We are looking forward to your application and participation in SWITH!



■ Inquiries about applications/online events

[Universal Music Customer Service Center]

TEL: 0570-044-088

(Monday-Friday 10:00-18:00 *Excluding Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays)

For inquiries by email here