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STAYC Japan 2nd Single “Teddy Bear” jacket photo unveiled!

Hot News 2023.03.13

JAPAN 4 to be released on April 5th (Wednesday)nd The jacket photo of SINGLE "Teddy Bear -Japanese Ver.-" has been unveiled!


When this song was released as the 2th single in Korea in February, it recorded a self-best smash hit of over 4 on the HANTEO chart dated February 2st with initial sales (calculated from February 21th to February 2th). ! ♬


In the music program, MBC "Music Core" also won 1st place and currently has 6 crowns, major distribution site MelOn "TOP 100" has gradually risen from the chart entry on the first day and recorded 3nd place as of March 13, and is a smash hit. ☆

The MUSIC VIDEO, full of the members' "teen fresh" charm, quickly surpassed 4,000 million views on YouTube after its release!

Don't miss the message of encouragement and hope in the song with the motif of "Teddy Bear"!



○ First Press Limited Edition CD

24P Booklet

UPCH-89529 ¥2,750 (tax included)

Enclosed benefits: XNUMX pieces of Life XNUMX Cut Member Solo / XNUMX types of Teddy Bear original stickers / XNUMX of XNUMX types of Trading Card A Ver. (XNUMX members + XNUMX set)


○Normal edition (first press) CD

UPCH-89530 ¥1,100 (tax included)

16P booklet Enclosed privilege only for the first press edition: XNUMX out of XNUMX trading card B Ver. (XNUMX members + XNUMX set) included


○ Solo board MAXI case Picture Label specifications

¥ 1,100 (tax included)

Enclosed privilege: Trading card C Ver. XNUMX trading card of the jacket member included


Sumin board (Sumin) UPCH-89531


Sieun board (SIEUN) UPCH-89532


ISA board (ISA) UPCH-89533


Seeun UPCH-89534


YOON board (Yun) UPCH-89535


J board (J) UPCH-89536


It's not too late now!

STAYC Japan 2nd Showcase 2023 “Teddy Bear” 

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