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STAYC 2nd Single ``Teddy Bear'' POPUP STORE will be held!!

LIVE & EVENT 2023.03.15

STAYC 2nd Single ``Teddy Bear'' POPUP STORE will be held!!

To commemorate the release of STAYC 2nd Single ``Teddy Bear-Japanese Ver-'', Japan's first POPUP STORE will be held at Shibuya Modi and Namba Marui!


At this POPUP STORE, original goods will be sold, costumes will be displayed, large panels will be displayed, and a special lottery will be held where you can win not-for-sale goods.

It will be a special space filled with the charm of STAYC, so please look forward to it!



[Holding information]

<Shibuya Modi>

Period: April 4st (Sat) to April 1th (Sun)

Venue: 2F Calendar

Hours: 11: 00 ~ 19: 00

The store HP is here


<Namba Marui>

Period: April 4th (Friday) to April 14rd (Sunday)

Venue: 7F event space

Business hours: 11: 00 ~ 19: 00

The store HP is here


*Contents are subject to change without notice.Please forgive me in advance.



[About admission]

Since many customers are expected to visit us, we will only apply for advance reservations for Shibuya Modi through the ticket reservation service for the following dates. (free)

About entrance of Namba Marui, come to 7F POPUP STORE directly.

* Depending on the congestion situation, we may make advance reservations, limit admission, and distribute numbered tickets.Please note.



■Advance reservation target date and time: April 4 (Sat)-April 1 (Mon)


■ Start accepting advance reservations: March 3 (Friday) 24:12-


For advance reservations, please apply from the link below.

reservation site here



* You can apply from your smartphone to make a reservation for entering the store.

*Reservations for entering the store will be on a first-come, first-served basis.

* Membership registration is required for the ticket reservation service, so we recommend that you register in advance.

* Reservations can be made up to 10 minutes before the end of each session.

* If there is a date and time that does not meet the capacity of each time, we may guide you to enter the store for free.In that case, we will guide you after customers who have made reservations in advance.

*Advance reservations are for avoiding congestion and do not guarantee the purchase of products.

*Please refrain from gathering late at night or early in the morning or lining up before the store opens, as it may cause inconvenience to the neighbors.




[Product Information]

*Details will be updated on the website as soon as they are decided.

* Depending on the product sold, there is a possibility that each venue will limit the number of purchases at the time of purchase, or that it will be sold on a daily basis.Please note.


[Purchase lottery]

During the period, you can participate in a lottery without losing once per transaction with a purchase of 000 yen or more including tax at the event shop.

In addition, customers who have an Epos card (use or present *Cash only if presented),

STAYC Japan official fan club (SWITH JAPAN) members can participate in the lottery once each!


<Premium content>

Prize A:autographed polaroid 6 people per venue

Prize B:Original IC card sticker (XNUMX types) complete set 30 people per venue

Prize C:One random from the original IC card sticker (XNUMX types in total)



*Epos cards cannot be used by anyone other than yourself, even if you present them.

*SWITH JAPAN members can be confirmed by presenting their digital membership card.

* Epos Card new enrollment is also available at the venue.

* One lottery per transaction. Please note that it is not "every 1 yen including tax".

* In any case, the payment cannot be divided into two or more times.

*Receipts cannot be combined.

* The lottery is valid only for the receipt on the day of purchase.

* Please note that the prize will end as soon as it runs out.

*The lottery prizes are subject to change without notice.


[Epos Card new enrollment benefits]

During the event period, we will present a "lottery + 1 lottery ticket" to customers who have enrolled in the Epos Card in the event shop ♪



* The contents of the description are subject to change without notice.Please note.

* Benefits are for those who join on the spot at this event shop during the event period.

*Benefits are limited to new members.

* Please note that enrollment from the Epos Card WEB is not eligible for benefits.

※There is a separate examination for applying for EPOS cards.Please note that you may not be able to apply in some cases.

*You must be 18 years of age or older to apply for the Epos Card. (Excluding high school students)




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