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STAYC Japan ONLINE ONLY!Heart hologram trading card sales start!

GOODS 2023.04.28

Heart hologram trading cards will be sold online only!


The first double-sided visual trading card is a special trading card only for STAYC JAPAN that uses unreleased cuts ♪

The sales will end as soon as they run out, so please check them out!


✦✧ Click here for sales page☜╮

(All 6 types, 2 random sheets included)


■ Sales period
April 2023, 4 (Friday) 28:18 ~


■ Shipping time
Scheduled to be shipped after mid-May 2023
*Delays may occur depending on the situation.In that case, we will inform you separately.


■ Purchase rights

Non-fan club members and global members can also purchase.


■ Purchase privilege

If you purchase the target product for a total of 5,000 yen or more, you will receive one STAYC undisclosed trading card (1 types / random)!

* Heart hologram trading cards are also eligible.

* One undisclosed trading card will be attached for every 5,000 yen you pay. (Example: 1 coupons for purchases of 1 yen or more / 2 coupons for purchases of 2 yen or more)

*STAYC OFFICIAL LIGHT STICK and past products are not included in the total price.

*Stock is limited.Please note that some items are almost sold out.


Sales page


・The payment deadline for convenience store payments is [2 days from the date of completion of the order procedure].
・The size may vary slightly depending on the measurement method.
・Please note that we cannot accept any cancellation of your order.

・The image is an image.Colors and specifications may differ from the actual product.
・Delivery may be subject to change without notice, and delivery may not be possible due to unavoidable circumstances such as product availability, delivery status, regional and weather conditions, and traffic conditions.Please note.
・In addition, please carefully read the notes on each site before using.



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