NEWS Information of STAYC in JAPAN

[TOWER RECORDS] To commemorate the release of STAYC Japan 3rd Single “LIT”, measures limited to Tower Records Shibuya store have been decided!

RELEASE 2023.12.04


Released on December 2023, 12 STAYC Japan 6rd To commemorate the release of Single "LIT", a special project has been decided at Tower Records Shibuya store!


■Application lottery prizes

*Limited to Tower Records Shibuya store

A prize : Instax autographed by members (2 for each member/12 total)

Prize B: Panel (1 panel for each member/total 6 panels)

*Replica A1 size of 3F/exhibition panel

Prize C:Shibuya store limited selfie trading cards (1 type for each member/total 6 types)


It will be a no-lose lottery.The first person to win will win either Prize A, Prize B, or Prize C.


<Target product>

2023 years 12 month 6 Date (water) Release

STAYC Japan 3rd single “LIT”

◆First limited edition A (CD+DVD) 2,860 yen (tax included)

◆First limited edition B (CD + photo book) 2,860 yen (tax included)

◆Regular edition/first press (CD) 1,320 yen (tax included)

◆Solo version 1,320 yen (tax included)

Sumin edition (Sumin)

Sieun board (SIEUN)

ISA board (ISA)

Seeun edition (Seun)

YOON edition (Yun)

J board (J)


【way to participate】

From December 2023, 12 (Tuesday) when the product arrives, a lottery will be held for those who purchase any of the eligible products at the Tower Records Shibuya store.One lottery ticket will be distributed for each eligible product purchased.One lottery ticket allows you to participate in the lottery once.


[Lottery period]

Tuesday, December 2023, 12 When products arrive - Ends when prizes run out



*We will give you a lottery ticket for the number of tickets you purchase.

*The quantity of each prize is limited.Even during the event period, the event will end as soon as the planned quantity is reached.Please note.Also, even if you have a lottery ticket, the prize will end as soon as the prizes run out.

*You cannot choose the design of the prize.All members and designs will be handed out at random.

*Advance reservations made at the event venue are not eligible.

*Prize A will be handed out at a later date, and the prize redemption period will be from December 2023, 12 (Friday) to January 15, 2024 (Sunday).Please note that you will not be able to exchange your gift after the period has passed.

*Prize A cannot be shipped.Please note that this item can only be delivered in-store.

*The lottery will be held at the store using a lottery machine.

*Raffle tickets cannot be reserved.

*Refunds and returns are not possible for the target product.

* Please note that even if you have a lottery ticket, the lottery will end as soon as the prizes run out.

*Tower Records original bonus smartphone size stickers (random out of 6 types for members) will also be included on a first-come, first-served basis. (Customers with reservations will be given priority.)


■Large panel exhibition

<Exhibition period>

December 12th (Tuesday) - December 5th (Monday)

<Exhibition location>

Tower Records Shibuya store 1F


■ Contact

Tower Records Shibuya

TEL 03-3496-3661