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2023 STAYC FANMEETING “SWITH Gelato Factory” in Japan Fan club new membership reception booth information

LIVE & EVENT 2023.07.03

2023 STAYC FANMEETING “SWITH Gelato Factory” in Japan We will be accepting new memberships for SWITH JAPAN at the venue!
Don't miss the special project where you can get admission benefits on the spot!


■ Sales location/time

Osaka: Zepp Namba (OSAKA)

Opening hours : 10:00 ~ 19:00


Kanagawa : KT Zepp Yokohama

Opening hours : 10:00 ~ 19:00

*The opening time is the scheduled time.Please note that it may change depending on the situation on the day.
*Please note that the venue will be closed during the performance.


Join how

thereSWITH JAPANPlease access and show the completion screen to the booth staff when the payment is completed.


New membership reception

If you are a new member (= payment) at the fan club booth at the venue, you will receive the membership benefits on the spot!
*Quantities are limited.

*If you join by July 2023, 7, we will send it by mail in order.Please wait for a while until it arrives.


*There is a possibility that the booth will be temporarily suspended or canceled depending on the situation such as congestion.
*On the day of the event, depending on the radio wave conditions, we may not be able to accept enrollment or renewal.Please allow plenty of time for your visit.
* Please check the benefits you exchanged at the fan club booth on the spot.Please note that we cannot accept returns or exchanges for defective items or shortages other than on the spot.