LIVE&EVENT Live & Event in JAPAN

Frequently asked questions about 2023 STAYC FANMEETING “SWITH Gelato Factory” in Japan

LIVE & EVENT 2023.07.03


finally coming next week

2023 STAYC FANMEETING “SWITH Gelato Factory” in Japan♪


So that everyone in SWITH can have a good time

Please read the following information and have a fun summer with STAYC!



■ About identity verification

You may be asked to verify your identity upon entry.

Please bring an official ID card to verify your identity.


・Student ID card with face photo

·Driver's license


・Basic resident registration card with photo

・My number card (Notification card is not acceptable)

・Real Estate Broker Certificate

・Residence card, special permanent resident certificate (for foreign nationals)

・Certificate of the physically disabled with a photo (prevents re-posting of the photo), etc.

*Students (up to high school) who are not issued a student ID card with a face photo must bring their own health insurance card along with their student ID card.



■ About setting up a letter box

A letter box will be set up from the opening time on the day until after the performance.

Gifts cannot be accepted.Only letters will be accepted.

We cannot inform you of the installation location in advance, so please check at the venue.


■ About stand flower

Stand flowers are not accepted for this performance.


■ Support goods

You can bring support goods.

We would appreciate it if you could prepare it in a size that does not bother the people around you or behind you.

Also, recently, unofficial goods that use the artist's portrait or name have been distributed, but please be aware that you cannot bring in any unofficial goods.


■ Regarding cheering aloud

On the day of the day, you can wear a mask and support your voice.

Thank you for your support for STAYC♬


About waiting

Please refrain from waiting, taking pictures, cheering, etc. in front of hotels and shops used during your stay in Japan, as well as other public facilities and transportation facilities.

Please refrain from these actions, as they not only cause inconvenience to general facilities and transportation users, facilities, and transportation, but also cause unexpected troubles and serious accidents for you. I'm happy.

For your own safety and the safety of the members, please refrain from doing so.