LIVE&EVENT Live & Event in JAPAN

2023 STAYC FANMEETING “SWITH Gelato Factory” in Japan STAYC × Giolitti collaboration decided at Yokohama venue!

LIVE & EVENT 2023.07.15

July 2023, 15 (Saturday) At KT Zepp Yokohama performance

STAYC x Giolitti's gelato collaboration project has been decided!


Each member's concept gelato will appear, so SWITH, please check it out♪


2023 STAYC FANMEETING “SWITH Gelato Factory” in Japan

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■ Sales hours

11:00 ~ 19:00

*It will end as soon as it is sold out.


■ Price

Single (Cone or Cup)


Double (Cone or Cup) *With sticker



■ Sales location

in front of the venue


[Gelato introduction]

SUMIN ♡ strawberry flavor
(Concept: Very Berry Strawberry)

A sweet and sour gelato that contains strawberries with a mellow aroma.


SIEUN ♡ Passion fruit flavor

(Concept: passion fruit sorbet)

A fruity, very refreshing gelato with just the right amount of sourness and a little sweetness.


ISA ♡ Blueberry yogurt flavor

(Concept: Blueberry Cheesecake)

Gelato with a sweet and sour fruity taste of blueberries and refreshing yogurt that goes well with each other


SEEUN ♡ Peach Flavor

(Concept: Peach Crush)

Now is the season!Gelato with a slight sweetness perfect for summer


YOON ♡ Apple mint flavor

(Concept: Apple Mint)

Gelato with a sweet and mellow scent of apple and refreshing mint


J ♡ Yuzu ginger flavor

(Concept: Cotton candy)

Gelato where you can enjoy the refreshing scent and sourness of yuzu