NEWS Information of STAYC in JAPAN

VIS meets STAYC campaign start!

NEWS 2023.08.18


A new collection of VIS autumn clothing modeled on STAYC has been released!

Wearing VIS items as the first campaign model for a fashion brand in Japan♫



A special page full of special shots such as a making movie with members' comments is also available!


Also, during the period from 8/18 (Fri) to 9/17 (Sun), those who "follow & like" VIS's official Instagram will be selected by lottery and will receive a check with the autographs of the STAYC members. We are holding a campaign to do!


▼ How to apply
VIS official Instagram account ( @vis_jp) & like the target post!
<About the target post>
This post with the "Follow & Like! Present" band posted on August 2023, 8 is eligible.


▼ Campaign period
August 2023, 8 to September 18, 2023 9:17


▼ Product details / number of winners

18 people


▼ Announcement of winners From among those who applied,
Winners will be selected through a rigorous lottery.
For those who have been elected, Instagram DM (direct
message) with the registration form for the shipping address.
I'll guide you.
* Sending DM notifying you of winning
Scheduled for late September 2023.


・VIS official Instagram account ( @vis_jp)
If you do not follow it, it will not be considered as an application.
・Registration of shipping address information from the notification of winning to the deadline
If you do not have it or if there is a problem with the information you entered,
The winning right will be forfeited.
・Applications are limited to those living in Japan.


SWITH, please check it out♡


[VIS meets STAYC] Special page