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SWITH JAPAN 1st Anniversary!!

NEWS 2023.09.09

SWITH JAPAN has celebrated its 1st anniversary!

Thanks to everyone at SWITH, we were able to make many memories this past year♪


Thank you for your continued support to STAYC ♡

A gift from STAYC to all SWITH members...!


A total of 1 people will be randomly selected to receive a STAYC autograph Polaroid from among those who have shared their memories with STAYC on X (Twitter) over the past year!


The more you post, the higher your chances of winning!

Please come and join us!


Video comments from membersplease use this form.


◾️Event details

Post your memories with STAYC on X (Twitter) with two hashtags!

Please also upload your favorite photos and videos!

Memories with #STAYC


◾️Target period

2023年9月10日 0:00 ~ 2023年9月17日 23:59


◾️Signed Polaroid gift conditions

SWITH JAPAN paid member

*Anyone is welcome to participate in posting their memories.
*We will check your SWITH JAPAN membership number when you win.
*Paid members living outside of Japan are also eligible.


◾️Winner notification

Winners will be contacted via direct message on X (Twitter).