LIVE&EVENT Live & Event in JAPAN

STAYC Japan 3rd Single “LIT” release commemorative “Meet & Greet” event will be held!

LIVE & EVENT 2023.10.27

To commemorate the release of STAYC Japan's 3rd Single "LIT", we have decided to hold a "Meet & Greet" event!

You can apply by reserving and purchasing eligible products at the official fan club SWITH JAPAN and UNIVERSAL MUSIC STORE.

We look forward to your participation.


Application for this event has nothing to do with the "flyer with serial number" included in the first production of all formats.

Please be sure to check the details before applying.


Meet & Greet Event Invitation

★Participating members: STAYC (Sumin, Sieun, ISA, Seeun, YOON, J)

[Prize A] Mini talk show + farewell party for all members

[Prize B] Individual member autograph session (*You can apply by selecting the member you want)

[Prize C] Individual 2-shot photo session for members (*FC members only/can apply by selecting desired member)


■Event schedule/location

Date: December 12th (Wednesday) Scheduled to start from 6:17 (identity authentication and other reception will be required before the start)

Venue: Somewhere in Tokyo

*Details will be provided to the winners at a later date.


Application details

■ Event contents

[Prize A] Mini talk show + farewell party for all members: 200 people in total

*After enjoying the members' mini talk show for about 30 minutes, the members will see you off as you leave.


[Prize B] Individual member autograph session (*You can apply by selecting the desired member): 30 people for each member / 180 people in total

*Members' signatures will be placed on colored paper prepared by the management.Please note that we are unable to place signatures on anything other than colored paper prepared by the management.
*Please enter the addressee's real name in Roman letters (up to 10 characters).
*Please note that if the winner is suddenly unable to participate on the day, we will not be able to send the signed colored paper at a later date.


[Prize C] Individual 30-shot photo session for members (*FC members only/can apply by selecting desired members): 180 people for each member/XNUMX people in total

*2 shots will be taken with each member.Our staff will take care of your mobile phone (including smartphones) with a camera function and take photos.Please note that we cannot accept photos taken with devices other than mobile phones.
*Only 2 shots will be taken, and the customer's location will be specified.


■How to apply and notes

You will be automatically entered at the same time as you reserve (and complete your payment) one of the first limited editions A, B, regular edition (first press limited), and solo edition in the eligible product cart at UNIVERSAL MUSIC STORE. There is no need to apply.


*Payment methods are only credit card, mobile carrier payment, and advance payment (convenience store).

*Customers using credit card or mobile carrier payment will be eligible to apply for the event if they complete their order within the period.

*For customers using "Advance Payment (Convenience Store)", only those who complete the payment procedure within the deposit period will be eligible for the limited-time pre-order purchase benefit.

*Reservations made by "advance payment (convenience store)" must be made by 2023:11 noon on Monday, November 20, 12 (deadline for payment: Tuesday, November 00). After 11:21 noon on Monday, November 11th, you will be able to use credit card and mobile carrier payment.note that.

*Purchasing one CD counts as one application, and there is no limit to the number of purchases or applications.Each person can purchase and apply as many times as they like.

*For [Prize B] and [Prize C], each member of your choice can apply.Please select your desired member and make a reservation (purchase).

In addition, if you purchase the solo version, the member version you purchased and the member who wants to participate in the event will be the same.

*[Prize C] is a course that only members of STAYC's official fan club "SWITH JAPAN" can apply for.

Customers who wish to purchase products exclusive to FC members should log in as FC members from the "STAYC Official Fan Club" site and order from the dedicated sales page.

*When verifying your identity on the day of the event, we will not be able to confirm your identity unless the member information you provided when ordering from UNIVERSAL MUSIC STORE and your SWITH JAPAN fan club registration information match the information on your ID.If your identity cannot be verified, your winning bid will be invalidated or rejected, and you may not be able to participate in the event.Please check your registration details once again before applying.


■ Sales site


    *You can view it after logging in as an FC member.


■ Sales period

May 2023, 11 (Wednesday) 1: 18-May 00 (Wednesday) 11:22

* Depending on the time of day, such as when the deadline is approaching, it may be difficult to connect to the application screen.Please apply well in advance.
*You cannot apply outside of the above sales period.

■ Winning announcement

Around 2023:11 on Wednesday, August 29, 18

*Winning results will be announced on the UNIVERSAL MUSIC STORE My Page around the time indicated above.Please note that we will not provide individual information if you are unsuccessful.
*We will not accept any inquiries regarding winning or losing.


■Products eligible for application

STAYC Japan 3rd Single “LIT”

2023 years 12 month 6 Date (water) Release

・First limited edition A

・First limited edition B

・Regular edition・(First press only)

・Solo version

Sumin edition (Sumin)

Sieun board (SIEUN)

ISA board (ISA)

Seeun edition (Seun)

YOON edition (Yun)

J board (J)


*Please be sure to select either "Mini Talk Show + Farewell Party for All Members," "Individual Autograph Session for Members," or "Individual XNUMX-shot Photo Session for Members" before purchasing.Please note that if you purchase a regular product (not eligible for event application), you will not be eligible for the lottery.


*For specifications and purchase notes for each CD, see Click here for more information. Please check from

*Benefits are only available for event applications.Please note that regular benefits are not eligible.


Notes regarding reception and event participation on the day

■About identity verification

On the day of the event, your identity will be verified using the "My Page Winner Notification" sent by UNIVERSAL MUSIC STORE and the "identification card with photo designated by the organizer." Please make sure that your membership registration details for UNIVERSAL MUSIC STORE and SWITH JAPAN match your ID.Even if you have already registered your member information before purchasing, please double check that it matches your ID.


*The UNIVERSAL MUSIC STORE My Page winning notification will be displayed on your smartphone or tablet.One smartphone/tablet is required for each participant.


*Only the selected person can participate in the event.


*Even if you register in your parent's name and win, your child or someone under a different name will not be able to participate.


*It is strictly prohibited to sell or transfer winning rights and winning benefits to third parties, including family and friends.


■About children's product purchases and participation in events

*Regardless of the age of your child, participants are asked to purchase products and participate in the event themselves.


*Please be sure to do the membership registration, application, and purchase procedures at UNIVERSAL MUSIC STORE together with your guardian.


*Payment using a credit card in someone else's name is prohibited, even if it is a family member.If you cannot use a credit card, please use "prepayment (convenience store)".


■What to bring on the day of the event

1. “Winner notification screen on UNIVERSAL MUSIC STORE My Page”

*Displayed on your smartphone/tablet at reception

2.Identification card with photo specified by the organizer


*You will need to present the notification details screen for winning this event from the “Notifications” on the UNIVERSAL MUSIC STORE My Page (

*Before the event, please check the UNIVERSAL MUSIC STORE My Page display on the smartphone or tablet device you will be using when entering on the day.

*If you do not have the above two items, you will not be able to participate for any reason.Please note.


■Identification certificate

When participating in the event, be sure to bring the original (photo, photocopy, or expired ID) of the winner's designated ID card with a face photo specified by the organizer [1] Please prepare one item from [7].


Please note that any other ID is not valid for any reason. *Only originals are valid


[1] Passport

[2] Driving license (*limited to first-class driving license and second-class driving license)

[3] Basic resident register card

[4] Special permanent resident certificate or residence card

[5] Physical disability certificate

[6] My Number Card (*Notification cards are not accepted)

[7] Student ID card/student notebook with photo (*limited to those currently enrolled in school)


・If a student ID card or student handbook is not issued, a student ID card with a photo or a school-issued ID card may also be used.


・Student handbooks that do not have a column for writing the student's name or do not have a student's name written in the column are not accepted.


- Submissions without a face photo are not accepted.


・Items that do not have a photo of your face and that have your own photo pasted or that appear to have been pasted are not accepted.


・Certificate of enrollment is not accepted


・Things issued by cram schools or vocational schools are not accepted.


■Precautions when verifying your identity

*When confirming your identity, we will check your identity with a designated ID with a photo specified by the organizer.

Confirmation is prohibited when the face cannot be seen or it is difficult to identify.We may also ask you to remove your mask to confirm your identity.Thank you for your cooperation.


*Regardless of the presence or absence of a face photo, students whose school does not issue a student ID card, student handbook, student certificate, or ID card must submit a face photo from among [1] to [6] specified above. Please prepare one piece of designated identification card.


*Please contact each public institution for information on the period and cost required to issue a designated ID with a photo designated by the organizer.


*Please prepare the ``designated ID with photo'' specified by the organizer well in advance of the event day.We will not be able to respond if the issue is not completed in time.


*"Passport" and "My Number Card" can be issued even to minors (minors must have the consent of their guardian).Identity verification may also be conducted at upcoming events, so please take this opportunity to prepare in advance.


*If we cannot confirm your identity due to forgetting, losing, or incomplete identification, we will refuse your participation.Please note.


*If any fraud is discovered, such as forging a designated ID, you will be refused participation in this event, even if you have the right to participate in a different division on a different day.


■When participating in a meet & greet event

*[Prize A] The mini talk show will be viewed from the seat with the "seat number/reference number" given at the time of reception.


*[Prize B] The management will provide colored paper to sign at the member individual autograph session.Please note that we will not sign anything else.


*The signature will include the customer's real name in Roman letters (up to 10 characters).


*[Prize C] Please note that devices that cannot make calls, such as digital cameras, tablets, and iPads, cannot be used at the member individual XNUMX-shot photo session.Additionally, only the built-in smartphone camera can be used; the use of camera apps is prohibited.


*Screen recording with mobile phones and smartphones is also prohibited.If this is discovered, you will be refused participation.


*As a general rule, we cannot retake photos.


*Please be sure to wear a mask inside the venue.


*The management method of the event may change depending on the situation such as the new coronavirus infection at the time of the event.Please note.


■Notes on participating in meet & greet events

*No one other than the winner will be allowed to enter for any reason.Even if a family member or friend comes to the venue on your behalf, they will not be allowed to enter regardless of the reason.In that case, we will not issue any refunds or refunds for CD products.


*The organizer, venue, and performers are not responsible for any accidents, theft, ticket fraud, etc. that occur inside or outside the event venue.


*Transfer or resale of participation rights is strictly prohibited.


*The organizer, venue, and performers are not responsible for any theft or trouble between customers.


*You cannot enter the booth with any baggage (bags, goods, dolls, etc.) or non-foldable umbrellas.

Please put your baggage in a backpack, shoulder bag, etc., and wear it on your shoulder or carry it on your back.Hanging your bag on your elbow is also prohibited.Please pack your luggage compactly so that your hands are free.Please participate without holding plastic bottles or jackets in your hands.


*If you are participating in [Prize A] or [Prize B], please put your smartphone shoulder in your bag.If your smartphone is left outside, it may be considered voyeurism or eavesdropping and you may not be able to participate.


*Large luggage (including carrier bags, strollers, panels, fans, etc.) is prohibited from being brought into the event venue.We cannot store your belongings at the venue, so please use coin lockers in advance.


*Name tags and name plates should be worn around the neck or business card-sized and attached to your clothing with a pin badge.

Holding fans or handwritten paper in your hands is prohibited.In some cases, you may be asked to refrain from using the venue at the discretion of venue staff.


■“Meet & Greet” event and other notes

*Please check access to the venue in advance and allow plenty of time to travel.


*We will not be able to accommodate late arrivals due to delays in public transportation such as airplanes or trains.Please be sure to arrive with plenty of time to spare.


*We cannot accept requests even if you bring a delay certificate issued by a transportation agency.


*Please refrain from bringing in photography equipment, audio recording equipment, etc.Photography, recording, recording, etc. are strictly prohibited.If this is discovered, you will be asked to confirm that your data will be deleted before leaving the venue.We may also decline your participation in future events.


*At the time of reception/admission, interrupting such as calling your companion into the line is prohibited.


*During the event, staff may touch customers' shoulders or other parts of their body or luggage to guide them.Please only participate in the event if you understand this.


*We do not accept any fan letters or gifts.note that.


*It is prohibited to bring dangerous goods or alcoholic beverages into the event, or to participate in the event after drinking or under the influence of alcohol.


*The event may be canceled or members may be changed or absent due to weather, trouble, or artist circumstances.In addition, the schedule and contents of the event are subject to change due to circumstances.Even in that case, we will not issue any refunds or refunds for CD products.The conditions will not change even if the event is canceled or ended midway.Please note.


*Customers are responsible for their own transportation and accommodation expenses to the venue, and there will be no refunds or refunds for CD products.In the unlikely event that the event is canceled or ended prematurely, the conditions will not change.


*If you have a physical disability that makes it difficult for you to wait in the waiting line for a long time, please contact the nearest staff member.We may ask you to present your disability certificate, doctor's certificate, etc., so please bring them with you.


*If you are in a wheelchair or have special circumstances, please consult the staff in advance.


*The organizer, venue, and performers are not responsible for any accidents or theft that occur inside or outside the event venue.Please manage your valuables by yourself.


*On the day of the event, there is a possibility that there will be coverage by the mass media and filming for SNS, etc.Additionally, there is a possibility that the interviews and photographs/videos taken may be used.Please note.


*Please follow the venue regulations regarding eating and drinking at the event venue.


*We strictly prohibit any acts that may cause a nuisance to those in the vicinity, such as groups occupying space around the venue.


*Please refrain from making inquiries to the event venue.


*For this event, UNIVERSAL MUSIC LLC and E-Cube Co., Ltd. will mutually use the information obtained at the time of registration (including personal information).Please note.




*Customer support normal business hours weekdays 10:00-17:00 (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, and year-end and New Year holidays)
*If you are inquiring from a smartphone or mobile phone, please set permission to receive the domain [].